Assistance For School Start-ups

We believe God directs parents to diligently disciple their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9); to raise them in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6). Biblical churches and Christian schools work in partnership with parents to enable them to fulfill this responsibility before the Lord. The home, the church, and the school should work together as a team to prepare children to understand God’s world in light of God’s Word rather than through the false light of an unbiblical worldview.

Christian schools are not primarily protective sanctuaries; nor are they extended Bible schools or Sunday schools or centers of higher academics alone. Further, they are not to be exact copies of secular schools with a few Christian activities (Prayer, Bible class, etc.) added on top. Instead, a “Christian school is a Christian academic community with the distinctive task of equipping students individually and corporately to exercise dominion in Christ over all that He has made.” Norman Harper

Christian schools can enhance church planting efforts by raising up a generation of young people with a biblical worldview, equipped to think Christianly about all of life, and with a love for what God loves: His church and His creation.

PS78Teachers Offers

To assist church leader and parents who desire to provide their children with a God-centered education, PS78Teachers offers a school start-up seminar and a guide with step-by-step directions and examples for starting a school that is biblically and financially sound.