Our road trip to Abancay was very long (5 hours ) and FULL of twists and turns, however the vistas were simply incredible!

The mountains of Peru are higher than any mountains that I’ve ever seen, and the scenic terrain is semi-arid.  We saw snow on the peaks that were 19,000 to 20,500 feet.  What looks like low clouds in the picture below is actually a mountain peak ( in the middle) surrounded by clouds.  Words cannot adequately describe the beauty of this, God’s creation.

Finally, we arrived in Abancay and checked into a hotel that was old, but clean, modernized and well kept.  I’d give it ⭐️⭐️.  We ate dinner in the dining room and retired to our rooms for a good night’s rest after the exhausting trip. (especially exhausting for Keith who did the driving). 

After a breakfast of fresh bread, juice & coffee in the hotel Tourista,  we went to the Evagelical Presbyterian Church of Abancay for our day of parent seminars.


in attendance was a crowd of about thirty which included men, women & children.

The materials presented by Dale and Carla were very well received!  There were two testimonies of thanks at the end of the day thanking us for coming and giving them a challenge regarding Christian parenting and the importance of educating our children with a Biblical world view.  Here are pictures of the discussion groups.

 They were wonderful hosts and served us a lunch of warm Beet salad (a beet, green bean & carrot mixture ), a boiled potato and some very tasty beef.

 I had to eat everything on my plate as a courtesy to our hosts,  However, I do not like beets and have avoided them all my life, but I managed to eat most of them, and I’m still alive!

We arrived safely home at 10 tonight.  Most of our trip home was driven in the dark.  We were stopped for  over an hour shortly after we began the climb out of Abancay because of road work ..a story for another time.  The 180 kilometers we traveled each way was on well paved two-lane roads, but often we were passing busses, semi trucks and other slow moving vehicles.  Occasionally we would pass cows tethered by the side of the road enjoying their grass meal and we were amazed at the number of people whose homes sit right by the side of the road.    

We had a wonderful overnight experience!  Thank you for your prayers.