Yikes! This flowing river of mud was our road to ARTS this morning! Four-wheel drive for the win, although we weren’t so sure while in the middle of the trek. Greg, our driver, just said, “PRAY!” as he plunged us into the flow. There were ditches on either side and deep holes that Greg couldn’t see, but he managed to stay on the road! 

Although the ARTS compound was flooded and the deluge continued, we made it to the classroom. Our shoes and clothes were a bit wet, but  all made it there. Quentin talked loudly above the pounding rain — until it all of a sudden disappeared and the sun came out!! The forcasted day of rain turned it to one of the most beautiful days since we’ve been here. 

Quentin invited Godfrey Kyazze (PS78-TEP, Cohort 1) to speak to the Africa part of his course, “Christian School Administration in AFRICA.” Godfrey answered questions about starting a school in Uganda, about homeschooling (he leads a homeschooling network), and about curriculum options. Our students greatly appreciated the knowledge and understanding of Uganda educational law he brought to the conversation. 

Comment of the day came from Joseph while talking about Christians who do not think biblically about all of life (Colossians 1:16-18): “The glasses are not on!”  These three students (church leaders) plan to change that in their neighborhoods! Biblical lenses for everyone!

Our final ARTS lunch -Rice, posha (sp?), matoke, and “Irish” (potato) with a spoonful of greens and a bit of beef, followed by sweet, sweet pineapple for dessert. (Ugandan portion — we ask for a half plate.)

After a time of sharing and giving thanks, Quentin prayed for our students and Bibian prayed for us. It was one of those times you know you will always remember. We have been so, so blessed to meet and spend these two weeks with Joseph, David, and Bibian! Thank you to all who helped make it happen! 

We head to the airport at 1:30 AM (yes, AM) for a 6:00 AM flight (Friday, 10 PM U.S. Time) — first to Istanbul, Turkey, then straight to Miami, arriving 8:35 PM Saturday in Miami — About a 27-hour commute. Thanks for following our adventures and for your prayers!

Signing out on the January, 2024, Uganda Trip blog. Carla and Quentin.