This was our “office” last Saturday. Nice! Carla spent the day catching up and grading student work while Quentin finished up his preparations for teaching “Christian School Administration in Africa” at ARTS this week.

We worshipped with New City Mission Church on Sunday. It meets in the covered court on the ARTS campus. Strong singing and preaching, new members added, and a strong recitation from the children of what was learned during Children’s Church.

Last week we talked about these three students (Pastors Joseph and David, and Bibian) having big dreams to start new schools or reform current schools under their oversight. This week Quentin is walking them through the steps to make those dreams a reality. They are peppering him with questions, and he is having a blast answering them and pointing them to God’s Word. He starts the day with Shepherding a Child’s Heart. Please continue to pray for these students, all leaders in their community.

Mission statements were presented by all, and then we worked together to revise them. Bibian’s dream school is named the PS78 Community School!

Dave Eby took us to view the valley behind the seminary. Everywhere we looked, we saw houses (big ones!) and apartment buildings under construction (far back in the picture). There has been a massive influx of people with money to build. Wealth and poverty side by side.

Yikes! You know those grab on handles above the doors in some cars/trucks? Well, here they are used quite often to HOLD ON as we go down and back out of some of these holes or try to have two cars share a road like this!

Much of our after-class time has been given over to hammering out the details of the proposed partnership between ARTS and PS78-Teacher Education Program. It is going well! Exciting, yes, but a bit daunting. Please pray God will make the path clear. 

We took Dave and Darlene Eby out for dinner last night to say a HUGE THANK YOU! They have cared for us well!