The entrance gate to the ARTS campus. It is a beautiful place to teach, filled with passionate and well-educated seminarians! We’ve been impressed by the high-caliber teaching here.

Carla here: What an incredible week with these three students!!! Any time you are teaching and you have multiple “light-bulb-coming-on moments,” you know God is at work! All three “got it” so quickly and asked for more! I was scrambling to answer all their questions. Fun! Both pastors have oversight of large numbers of teachers, both Sunday school and Christian schools (one works with 20 churches, the other is over 800 churches!). Both shared the great need for Christ-centered teacher education and both have the beginnings of plans to make it happen in their respective locations. Bibian’s dream is to start a PS78-style Christian school. Pray the dreams of all three become reality.

We will be back on the ARTS campus again next week — Same students, different course, and a different “Lecturer.” Quentin is teaching “Christian School Administration in Africa” and would really appreciate your prayers! Godfrey Kyazze, a PS78-TEP student, is coming in one day to help with the “in Africa” part.

Our time after class on Wednesday with two members of the PS78-TEP Cohort 4 Study Team was a big dose of encouragement to keep moving forward. Julius is a recent graduate of African Bible University (Kampala). He and Bibian thanked us for the program and told us how much their way of viewing education had changed as a result of their study with us. Pray for them, please! They both have positions to teach and influence other teachers, not just students. 

In the middle of this picture is our wonderful Nancy (MTW, ABU education professor, and PS78-TEP partner). She is a facilitator extraordinaire, diligently organizing and leading the cohorts in Uganda. So, so thankful for her.  We certainly need more Nancy’s around the world! Another big prayer request!

Friday dinner outside! Cool breeze, birds chirping, nice company, and some great Guacamole — thanks, Darlene! Dave Eby reads a Psalm each night and prays for us all. The Eby’s home (a former British coffee compound, with many nice apartments around the main house) is home-away-from-home for traveling ARTS’ professors and students. And some ARTS’ workers live here permanently. Never a dull moment!

A huge snail joined us for class this week! Once a science teacher, always a science teacher!