Our dinner meeting with the church leaders tonight surpassed our expectations!  Not only were all the elders and deacons present, which we were told never happens, but they were also very interested in starting a school!  They see the necessity of a Christian school in the lives of their children.  Also, the pastor shared that in a recent meeting they had discussed this need and were unaware that we were coming, so our being here with our PS78Teachers ministry was a great encouragement to them to persue  starting a school.  After discussing all the options for their children’s education, The pastor also said to the gathering, “our children are in danger, we must do something.”   



After a dinner of spaghetti and broccoli, Dale & Carla each had about 20 minutes to share the information that they usually present in in their five hour seminars.  Keith Powlison is an amazing translator!  And I need to mention his wife Ruth who has done an incredible job of organizing the breakfast on Sunday and the spaghetti meal with the church leaders and their wives.    There were also several young children that came with their parents.

We left this meeting so encouraged!  Thank you for your prayers.