Dale and I spent the morning working at the Josephine House construction site.  This is a brand new facility for the orphanage that is just up the road.  This orphanage was started by Keith and Ruth seven years ago and fifty children have been cared for since it began.  Their original and current facility (pictured below) belongs to the church.   They plan to move into the new house this fall.  It is an amazing building, designed and pretty much built by Keith and Ruth and MTW teams, along with occasional local men.  The orphanage currently has 11 children, a house mother, and several local ladies who come to cook, feed and care for the children.

Dale and I helped with the flooring today.  Dale was helping  Keith and his son to nail down the floor boards and I was helping Ruth to stain the floor boards – which were sheets of plywood cut into 8 inch strips.  

This afternoon Dale stayed at the house and played Japanese jump rope with Elly and Emma, while Carla and I went back to do more staining of floorboards.