“Good morning.  How was your night?”  Is How everyone greets us in the mornings.  This morning we were picked up at our hotel by Samuel, our driver for the week.  In the van with him, we were excited to see Nancy Williams, a MTW missionary here who our church supports and we have been acquainted with Nancy and her husband for over 10 years.  We look forward to spending more time with them later this week.

Today will be spent at the Master’s Institute for Education.  Godfrey Kyazze is the director and has asked us here this week to do some teacher training along with sharing what we do with PS78Teachers with his staff and principals from Ugandan Christian schools.   Today and tomorrow will be meetings here at the Institute. 



Meeting to organize our day.

Around noon we went to a nearby shopping mall for lunch.  To get into any shopping malls, armed guards search your car before you can enter the parking lot, then everyone has to go through a metal detector at the mall entrance.  In the food court, to order food, first you sit at a table.  Very soon waitresses from each of the food vendors plops the different menus on the table.  You place your order with the waitress from the vendor of choice, and they bring your food to the table after it is prepared. 

Lunch in the food court.

After lunch we went to a school a few km away for the afternoon meetings with about 12 Christian school principals and owners plus the 8 of us that met this morning.  Dale gave two workshops about “What is a Christian school?” and  servant leadership.  Very well done and well received.   Tomorrow afternoon Dale will teach “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.”


Afternoon workshops

Nancy Williams and Carla 

Pray for our safety on the road each day.  Traffic is crazy, as one lady described “disorderly.”  It takes about an hour each way to get from one side of Kampala to the other.  Our driver does a great job navigating the stream of bodas and taxis and bicycles and trucks and people in the market areas we pass.