We are loving Uganda!  Today we drove up to Kakooge for an afternoon seminar with 15 teachers.  It took us a couple hours to get there, but we didn’t need to leave our hotel until 11, so we were able to have a more relaxing morning.

When we arrived at the Donela school we were greeted by the headmistress then taken back into town for an authentic Ugandan meal – beef stew, makooge ( cooked plantain), rice, peanut sauce, white corn bread, beans, potatoes.  It was all very good!  

Where we ate lunch

Ok, now that I’ve gotten the food out of the way, after lunch we returned to the school and were WARMLY greeted by a couple hundred children who had just been dismissed for the day.

The workshops went very well.  A group of teachers that were attentive and excited to learn and responsive.  They want us to come back sometime soon, I told them, “beam us over.”   We had a very good day in our travels to and from Katooga, good conversations with Godfrey and Eric during our 4 hours in the van, and enjoyed the sights along the road.

Donela workshop group picture

Sunset on the way back to the Tick


I could post a hundred pictures if I had the time – but it’s late and tomorrow will be an early day.

Continue to pray for our safety in in our travels to remote schools – 2 tomorrow.