While all of you back home were voting, (we sent ours in 10 days ago), we were keeping busy here in Acapulco.  Today Carla and Dale started doing teacher observations at New Horizon.  The five classes they sat in on went well, and they will continue with observing the teachers for the next two days.  They are wanting to know how well the teachers understand putting into practice the principles they learned last week at our training workshops. 


Teacher interview after observation. 



Meanwhile, back at the ranch (Ellen’s Casa), Elvira took me to the market to buy some chili’s, and taught me how to make enchilada sauce from scratch!  We had a fun time trying to communicate (she speaks mainly Spanish, I speak only English), each of us understanding a few words here and there.    Needless to say, had a great time, and the enchiladas were delicious, but somewhat spicy! (Pico)

Preparing the chilis





Plating the enchiladas

Ready to eat with all the toppings – guacamole, sour cream, queso, lettuce, tomatoes & onions.


The view of Acapulco from a friend’s balcony. (She lives at least three levels above us.)