It has been a long day!  We were up before sun-up (although the sun never did come out today- it rained and rained), and on our way to the school at 7:10 am so Carla and Dale could continue with their teacher observations.  The rain was a problem trying to get up the steep, steep hill by the school and we ended up having to walk up.

Secondary history class teacher observations

This afternoon after a lunch (we eat lunch around 3 every day) of fresh tamales, we met with the lady who is working on development and raising much needed funds for the school.  As with most Christian schools, tuition fees alone are never enough to cover the expenses.  We were very impressed with what Ivet is doing, and especially impressed that she became involved with the school after attending our parenting workshops 20 months ago.  Even though she had no idea how she would ever pay for Christian school, she knew she had to find a way and is fully committed to having her child educated with a biblical world view.

(If anyone reading this blog is interested in helping New Horizon Christian School financially, tax deductible donations can be made through Mission to the World.  Ask us for more information.)

Meeting with Ivet.

After that meeting, we met again with people from the school to continue our discussion regarding policies and goals.


Tomorrow will be another early day, so we are headed back to our apartment to get some rest.