This morning we left in the rain (remember the red mud) for our first day of workshops at the Children Safe Children’s Home in Bweya.  It was about a 15 minute drive from the William’s.  The 17 persons that we taught were a mixture of Kindergarten and elementary teachers, a couple social workers and administrators and a program manager.  

Our classroom for this week:

Dale giving the devotions:

At this point, not all had arrived and several were sitting around the perimeter of the room.  I think they were trying to avoid sitting on the benches all day.

Working in groups:

The view from the porch of the building we were in: (The children you can see  below the trees were playing outside most of the day.)

We had some tasty beef curry, cooked up by Chef Bert, for dinner.  Nancy made a fresh salad and rice to go with! Chocolate ice cream for dessert.