Interesting day here in Kampala.   Since we arrived, there have been regular power outages off and on after 7:00 each night.   This morning,  at 2:00 am the power went out, and never returned until about 8:30 this evening.  This outage affected most of the city of Kampala.  Even since it came on at 8:30, it has gone off and on about 20 times.  So, I’m hoping I can post this blog tonight!

Another day of workshops in Bywea that went well.  We feel they really appreciate the skills they are being taught.  

Tonight we were invited to (MTW missionaries and Uganda team leader) Ben and Kim Church’s  home for dinner and had a nice time of fellowship with them and their 4 young children.  

Thankfully, our classroom had plenty natural light.  So, our day in pictures:


Dale giving the devotion on Psalm 1:

Dale giving the devotions on Psalm 1:

Carla and Nancy teaching some simple learning songs:

Nancy & I taking a break:

Some cute kids from the orphanage:


Working in groups:


Group presentations (we had 4 groups, this is just one):

Full moon over Uganda: