The teachers we are working with this week love to sing!  We start the day singing three or four praise songs, then after each break we sing another song or two.  Some are familiar to us, some are not, some are in their native language.   But one thing unique is that ALL the songs have motions, a little dance or just clapping.

We had another good day at Children Safe.  And we also had power all day!  Today was Carla’s last day with this group and at the end of the day we asked the teachers to share how they will apply what they have learned this week.  It was so good to hear by their testimonies that they grasped much more than we ever realize.   Tomorrow and Friday will be Dale’s turn to teach the Shepherding a Child’s Heart materials.

One of the activities today was to show them how they can have a class write a story about an activity, so our activity was for Nancy to read them a story as if they were a class of five year-olds.  You can tell by the pictures that this was a fun exercize.

The teachers also did some presentations:

We are enjoying this group and are also learning from them.

And the children are so precious.  I wish everyonc could hear them sing.  They also love to sing.  ‘I have the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart.’

They work hard carrying water from the pump to the kitchen.

Finally, a place we drive by each morning that makes us laugh: