It is a beautiful day in Uganda!  The sky is clear, there is a breeze, and the temperature is in the upper 70’s.  Today Dale started teaching a two- day workshop on the Tripp “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” materials.   After a time of singing, Nancy Williams gave the devotions today.


 Every day we have been fed the 1:00 meal with the teachers.  There is always rice, some beef in gravy, stewed beans, matoke (steamed plantain in banana leaves that tastes like potatoes), and today we also had the traditional peanut sauce – which is basically boiled chopped peanuts.


We had a pretty intense afternoon session discussing the way teachers control their class.  How I wish everyone who reads this blog could have had the opportunuty to sit in on the workshop because there aren’t words to describe all the conversations that went on – both in English and Luganda.  We are so blessed to be able to share Biblical principles with these folks who have only been exposed to the strict teaching practices they were educated with themselves.

Below, is Eric, a man who works with Godfrey at the Master’s Institute for Education.  He has become a dear friend!  Eric is a young man with such a deep passion for educating the children of Uganda.  We so much appreciate the way he serves us with his gentle humble spirit.

Dale getting a hug from the director of Children’s Safe.

And I have to share more pictures of the children:   This little boy’s mom is taking the courses, and he was outside peeking in.   

And this little guy took my hand and walked me to the car at the end of the day.  He wouldnt talk to me, but I think he wanted me to take him home.