Today is a day of transition.  We moved from the William’s to a hotel on the other side of Kampala.  The hotel is in a quiet neighborhood not far from Godfrey’s.

After a two hour trip through Kampala, (probably only 15 miles as the crow flies). We first stopped at Godfrey’s office for a couple hours.  He was updating us on the progress for his ministry – Master’s Institute for Education.  They are in the third year of a thirty year plan to establish a teacher’s college.   They now have land, next step is raising funds to build the required facility for a college.

Lunch was at Godfrey and Olga’s house (pork and avacodo chapati wraps) and the rest of this Saturday will be spent settling in here and taking it easy – actually Carla never takes it easy, she is always at her computer!

Streets in Kampala:

Katwe area (Have you seen the movie – “Queen of Katwe”? )

When the king of Buganda goes to his parliment, they open this gate for the motorcade to pass through instead of taking the round-a-bout. :

Godfrey’s office apartment:

Saying goodbye to Bert: