I love the aroma of cooking over a wood fire, and, even better, the aroma of sauteing onions over a wood fire.  Reminds me of camping in the Colorado mountains.  To the people here in Uganda, it is such a common smell, they are oblivious to it.  In a small building behind me here in the auditorium, they are preparing our lunch.  It smells so good!

There are many sounds surrounding us that we notice but the teachers seem oblivious to:  wood being chopped, children playing inside and outside the school compound, the squeaky gate being opened and closed, the neighbor’s goats bleating, a rooster crowing in the distance, big birds squacking,  a man trimming the branches of an avacado tree and the children squealing as they pick up the avacados.  Lots of distractions, but the teachers keep on listening intently.

We had a small group today – only 6 teachers.  But they are soaking up the materials Carla and Dale are presenting.

Dale talking to a little friend:

Simon presenting his Essential Questions

Lunch- Rice & Beans with some cabbage slaw:

The Uganda soccer team is called the Cranes.  Here is One of their little fans and his friend: