This morning we were picked up at 8:30, headed for Bombo.  On the way we found out that the venue for the workshops had changed to a school another hour drive past Bombo.  So, after 2 1/2 hours driving, we reached Donela School in Kakooge, (20 miles past where we turned off from New Hope last night.)  This was to be a three day training, but since the travel is so far, we are going to only do two days.

There are 14 teachers We are working with at this school.  This is yet another school that does not have electricity, soour projector and computer are hooked up to a generator running (noisily) out side the classroom window.  Donela school started their second term this week, and the children are being taught by the upper level students while their teachers are doing the training.  I watched one class.  There were seven sentences written on the board and for at least 90 minutes they were going over and over reading these sentences in unison.  They have no textbooks, just little booklets where they copy down what is on the blackboard.

Sunrise this morning out of our hotel room window:

Children lining up after morning tea:

Eric and Dale preparing the projector screen:

They served us lunch out under the trees:

We stopped by a market on the way home for some bananas:

A picture of our hotel: