Today is the second day of teacher training and all is going well, although we have been having real issues with consistant electric power.  As a matter of fact, we have spent more hours since we got here on generator power rather than the local power – the longest period was from Sunday afternoon until about 4:00 yesterday.  The power comes on for about 30 minutes and goes off again, and so on.  It’s the way life goes here.  But it is amazing how much the heat zaps our energy, as we are not used to it, and how the a.c revives us so quickly.  During the day yesterday a smaller generator ran to keep the projector and a fan going for the training, as the large generator is very expensive to keep running for long periods of time.  We are not complaining as our hosts take great care to make sure we are comfortable – especially at night, and we are grateful!  So far this morning, since about 7:30, we have had power. 

The Peacemaker course seems to be well received and is generating many questions from the teachers.  The course Carla is teaching, “Classroom Instruction That Works,” is filled with practical elements and good ideas for these teachers to use in their classrooms.

(Note that most of the pictures I’m taking seem to be repeats from the past two years, also the lighting is not very good for ipad photography.)

Yesterday afternoon, cooling down as best we can.

Natacha translating for Dale

Notice the handmade duplicate of the “Slippery Slope” poster on the right, (left:  Power Point in English).  I had to create one with French words.

I spent several hours yesterday recreating posters for Carla in French, keeps me busy!  Thankful for Google Translate!