Another day of teacher training has begun.  And the power just went off again ?.  

The day always starts with a familiar hymn (in French) and prayer led by Esaie.  Then Dale does an hour of Peacemaker before Carla does her training.  Attendance by the teachers has been great!  

This morning Esaie is translating because Natacha is making us lasagna for lunch.  We have been fed very well this week. The lady that cooks all three meals for us, plus has been preparing lunch for the teachers, works very hard, every day, from before the sun comes up until after it sets.  She is a full-time emlpoyee of the ministry and we appreciate all she does for us!

Natacha grating cheese for the lasagna. 

Construction is well under way for a building that will house a seminary to train church leaders.   It will be two stories, the classrooms on the top floor and ministry office, restrooms and storage on the ground floor.

Below is a picture of Carla with Kens, who is the man who translates most of our materials (Power Point handouts) into the French language.  It is a huge job that he spends hours working on, and mostly at night.