The sanctuary was brightly decorated this morning for the 9th anniversary worship celebration of Eglise Presbyterienne La Trinite.  The service lasted about three hours, with the traditional elements of worship, several special singing groups, an hour-long sermon preached by Esaie on the first 10 verses in Ephesians 2, followed by communion.   Lunch was served afterwards to anyone who wanted to stay, but we were encouraged to eat ours indoors out of the heat.    The church was full!  And so many children who sat amazingly still through the whole service.

The youth had made these rosettes that were part of the decoration.  I want to learn how to make them!

This little girl sat in front of me and stared at me a lot during the servce, but I couldn’t get her to smile!  I wonder what she is thinking?

Some more photos from this morning:

Tonight we enjoyed a couple hours of entertainment.  These friends know how to celebrate!  There were groups that sang, a couple solos, a comedy skit, and even a fashion show.

Dale got to be one of the judges in a contest to see who had the most sanctified smile.