This week of teacher observations and evaluations is going very smoothly, with special thanks to the school Administrator Taylor Fevrin for his organizational leadership and Esaie and Natacha for their translating.  Not being the trained educator in our group, I have enjoyed immensely sitting in on the classroom instruction, and the evaluation conversations.  It has been a blessing to be the ‘fly on the wall’.  While striving to be an encouragement to these teachers, we, as a team, are being more encoraged than they because of their sincere desire to be the best teachers they can be.

This morning was an extra challenge to get to the school in Docine because Tuesday is ‘market day’, and we had no choice but to go through it.  The road to the school runs right through the market.

The school is surrounded on all sides by beautiful vistas:

From the back of the school

From the front of the school

Towards the school entrance gate (North maybe).

Okay, South is the latrines, but still a great view!

As yesterday, we arrived to see the morning line-up, which begins with a song and a prayer.  (Watch this short video)

For those who have donated books to this school’s library, this picture is for you:

And some more pictures from our day:

Dale and Esaie observing a class.

Carla and Natacha observing a class.


Lining up after lunch

The hallway veranda on the second level