July 2017

October 2017

On the right side of first picture, you can see the columns of the new seminary building being constructed at the Living Stones Reformed Mission.  A lot of progress has been made since July, as you can see in the second picture, but the construction has slowed due to lack of funds.   The second floor needs to be built, which will contain a large classroom, an office for the ministry and a smaller classroom.   What you see here will be restrooms, storage, and living quarters for the watchman.  Eventually an enclosed church building will be constructed.  Currently the church is an open-air space attached and just outside the back door to the mission house we stay in.

Current Worship Space

Today was our last full day here, and a busy morning of classroom observations and teacher evaluations.  The children were dismissed early so that there could be a teacher-staff meeting.   That gave us some extra time to interact with some of the children.  Mostly they wanted to touch our white skin and feel our ‘long’ hair and get their photos taken.  We love seeing their smiles!

Staff Meeting

We leave in the morning for the long drive back to the airport and our return to the US.   We are grateful to God for giving us a really good week, for the time spent with Esaie & Natacha and their gracious hospitality,  and for the encouraging time spent with the teachers, staff and children at the Christian Academy of Docine!  We are so blessed!