At Victory Infant School

After getting a little lost this morning, (how you find anything on the back roads here?) we arrived at Victory about 45 minutes later than we were expected.

Victory Infant is a poorer Christian school in it’s third year. The headmaster, Joseph, had come to our training at Entebbe Presbyterian, and was very eager to have us come to observe and talk to his teachers. This is a school he started after twenty years of being a teacher and even starting another successful private school before. Joseph had also started a pig and chicken business, but sold it 4 years ago to get Victory started. It is a school of around 85 students 2 years old to 7th grade. (‘Baby Class’ to P7)

We had an amazing day with these sweet children. When we arrived we sat in one of the classrooms with Joseph, while he told us about himself and his vision to start this school. He mentioned that the Muslim community knows how to start young training their children in jihad, why are Christians not doing that with the Truth?

While we were meeting with Joseph, the children had all congregated in a larger room for worship and to meet us. After a time of singing praise songs, Nancy read them a story, Dale gave a short devotional, and Carla also spoke. After that we spent the rest of the morning visiting classrooms to observe the teaching.

The children were sent home after lunch at one. We were served a typical lunch of rice, beans, chicken and posho (made with maize flour) and ate with the teachers.

Notice the teacher with her baby tied on her back.

In the afternoon we met with the seven teachers. Dale and Carla gave them very condensed versions of our teacher workshops, and Nancy spoke to them about what the difference was between a teacher who is a Christian and a Christian teacher. Nancy also offered her services for future trainings, which is her real passion as a missionary.

All in all, it was a very good day!  I wish that I could post all the pictures I took.