Out fifth and last day of teacher training.

This morning Carla started the day by reading a children’s book, “The Runaway Bunny,” to the class. She then related a biblical lesson from this secular book explaining how it is our bent to often sin and run from God, but he pursues us because he loves us, and always brings us back into his loving arms.

Answering questions

Next, Quentin taught the last of his training, encouraging the teachers to establish principles and procedures for their classes, and to be consistent in enforcing and follow-through.

After break the teacher teams presented their projects of using children’s literature to teach French, All the groups did very well, and I have to say, they had great fun being on the presenting end and also great fun acting as a naughty class.

It has been a great week!  We finished with expressions of thanks and by taking a group picture after the closing prayer.

The teachers were sad the training was over but anxious to get home and watch the Brazil vs. Belgium fotball  ⚽️  game.  Go ??

Tommorow morning, back to Port Au Prince to fly home.