Another early morning for Dale, Carla and Ellen. Part II of ‘Peacemakers’ at the church at 8 am. They tell me that the had about 20 parents who came, and there were some serious questions asked.

After the seminar, they headed back up the hill to the school for five more teacher observations. They got to watch the pre-school class learn about the continents by making models of the earth with Plat-doh, the music teacher teaching songs in English to help the children learn a second language, and an art class making mosaic fish.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Elvira (she speaks very little English) and I played a couple games of Skip-bo while we were waiting to pick up Ellen’s housekeeper and head across town to Ellen’s casa to do some much needed laundry. She won. Even though Elvira and I have a huge language barrier, we laugh a lot over our words, and get along real well. I am learning many Spanish words which I will most likely forget a week from now.

Ellen, with exhausted Dale and Carla,  arrived here at her house around three and we had a delicious meal of carne asada carbon (marinated beef on the grill) with grilled green onions, refried beans and, fresh from the neighborhood tortilleria, warm corn tortillas. The three had to leave soon after we ate to head back across town where Dale is being interviewed for a local Christian radio station.

I am waiting for our clothes to finish drying before Elvira and I will head back to where we are staying. Wouldn’t you know today has been the first cloudy day – not ideal for drying clothes quickly.

Calvary Chapel  where last night’s parent seminar was held.