It is Saturday and our schedule for today is to leave our apartment at 2:45 to set up for the ‘Peacemaker’ conference from 4 to 7:30.

After breakfast this morning, Elvira took Dale and I over to a local coffee shop in downtown Acapulco, which is on the other side of town.  At this shop they sell local coffee beans from Guerrero (the Mexican state we are in).  Elvira insists it is the best!

After our midday meal of left-over tostadas, and fresh guacamole that Elvira let me make, we headed over to Jesus of Nazareth Presbyterian church for the evening conference.  This church has a large sanctuary with a.c., which we were very grateful for at the end of a very hot day.   About 50 people came.

Dale always uses me as a prop in one of his examples of how to apologize for a conflict in the wrong way vs. the correct way.

The conference was very well received and, again, had very good questions and  responses.

On our way home, we stopped at Walmart to buy some speakers for the school and a few food items for breakfast, so it was a late night!