Our second day at Piaget school in Lira. Today is Carla’s turn to teach Worldview and faith integration.

Last night we enjoyed a meal with James and Silas with Silas’ wife Alice and new baby girl, Debra Peace. What a joy to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, half-way around the world. We have so much in common because of our common faith.

We also took a short walk around a block by our hotel.

In front of our hotel in Lira, with Samuel our driver.
Other side of the block.
Gracious Palace Hotel – a bustling place!
Our classroom

Carla teaching her lesson about Normative vs Anti Normative. Teachers love this activity. Then some more group work:

Our time with these sweet teachers ended well. After a quick review by Dale, Nancy spent the last half hour demonstrating how our World View affects the way we deal with our students. She used her sunglasses to demonstrate how one can view the world wrongly.

Before we dismissed the head teacher, Charles, thanked us before the class and said, “We have been advantaged. We will be a changed community.”

After training today, and a short nap back at our hotel, Silas took us on a mini tour around Lira. We went to the Truth Fountain Ministries Church where he works and met a couple of the other pastors, we went to a little cultural center museum and saw some historical relics, and he took us a little ways out of town to “prayer mountain” where men break up granite, by hand, to help support their families and pay school fees.

Heading back to Kampala tomorrow morning. It has been a good week!