Today Dale wrapped up the Shepherding and gave an assignment to assess what the students have learned. They have to turn it in tomorrow.

Next, Carla put the students to work on their project to create a unit showing what they have learned and understood from her instruction. They are working in groups according to the grade/age level the students teach, or plan to eventually teach. Tomorrow they will present their projects to the class.

So, after class today, Dale and I got to go to town for lunch and some shopping with our driver Samuel. We ate at a cafe called Endero Coffee, Except we had iced tea with our sandwiches. Should have tried the coffee…. the lemon/ginger tea was delicious! The traffic getting there was pretty crazy! Thankful for Sam and his amazing ability to dodge the bodas.

We enjoyed the first market we stopped at, but it became overwhelming at the second market where at least five ladies at once were pleading for me to buy their merchandise. It was quite an experience and a good afternoon!