Carla had a really good and profitable day today! Nine men attended, all teachers at the college as well as pastors. Carla feels like she has nine new best friends!

These men will be responsible to teach students on a Friday and Saturday, once a month, five courses ~ three being theological and two being the PS78 Teacher Education Program. Because of limited internet access, our courses will have to be done with pencil and paper instead of on-line. Today they were able to work through a lot of the details on how that will have to be done. A few of the teachers now want to complete the program themselves to earn another master’s degree!

Carla also had the men each plan and teach a lesson, and she was pleased with how good their understanding is of the course material.

Carla has been eating a lot of chicken and rice and (looks to me like) green beans. They also feed her a corn dish called nsima (similar to cream-of-wheat) which she says is very filling.