Today was the first of two days teaching students that attend Eschol Theological College. 36 students were a handful fo Carla teaching alone, but overall they were responsive, engaged, and fun!

Their presentations were unique, well thought out, and had insights and suggestions that Carla hadn’t even thought of, probably because they were a roomful of theology students! Over half are teachers, mostly in government-run schools. Lots of laughter today.

After class a group of them (around 10) stood around asking questions about our on-line program.

There is much excitement about graduation on Friday! Carla has to be done by 2:00 pm tomorrow so they can have graduation practice in the church where her class is being held.

Pray for Carla as she has been asked to give a 5-10 minute talk at graduation. She plans to base her talk on Psalm 78 and Deuteronomy 6 on how we need to pass on to the next generation the glorious deeds God has done.