“Welcome back to Uganda!” It was so good to hear those words after our arrival in Kampala at 7:30 AM this morning. Our 25+ hour flight over was a bit rough, and my suitcase did not arrive! Nor did the suitcase with the children’s books for the teacher workshops this week.🥲 Please pray both pieces come on the Saturday morning flight from Istanbul! Isaac, the very nice young man sent from ARTS seminary to pick us up, waited over two hours for us as we, and around 50 others, attempted to register our “lost” baggage with the airline. Not a pretty scene! I think we can safely say, we are done with Turkish Airlines.

No matter, we are thankful to be here with our hosts for the next five days, Bert and Nancy Williams (MTW/Uganda). Our first day went fairly well. After a few hours of sleep, we hit the “mall” to make copies for the workshops, exchange money, and buy a few groceries. We also stopped by the MTW office where we will be meeting with some of our online students tomorrow. Pray our words would be “just right” words to encourage those who are weary to persevere, not only in their studies but in their efforts to make God-honoring changes in their Christian schools. We are excited to see them IN PERSON rather than in little ZOOM boxes on the computer screen! And, we are excited to have a long night of sleep!! Night, night!

Pictured is Quentin at the MTW office where PS78Teachers Uganda has its own classroom/library space. I think we need our own sign there!