The first two days with the 21 teachers and administrators at Life Care Primary School in Kampala have been full and fun! And the classrooms and playgrounds are some of the nicest we have seen (some foreign help). We come home each day a bit exhausted, yet so thankful for the many positive and encouraging responses to our presentations. So much of biblical thinking about education was new to them. We have one more day at Life Care before we travel to Kayunga, 3-4 hours outside of Kampala, to offer the three-day workshop all over again. I’ll use pictures to highlight some of our time at Life Care. 

Quentin started our time together Monday with devotions from Psalm 78, and today with Shepherding a Child’s Heart. Both were well received.

After Carla taught the first half of the “Reasons for our Choices” workshop, the teachers had the opportunity to show if they “got it” by “helping” a teacher in a classroom scenario bring their faith to a lesson about flowers. With real flowers in hand, each of the five groups gave excellent advice! And we all had a good time. And yes, they definitely “got it!”

Quentin took over after lunch both days and helped teachers learn how to use children’s books to teach children English, as well as subject content and biblical truths. Since English is the second language of most children here, you can imagine just how grateful they were to receive this teaching!  After Quentin demonstrated a lesson based on “The Hungry Caterpillar,” he gave each group a new book and had them prepare a lesson following his lesson plan template. Presentations tomorrow! Can’t wait!

We brought the school some classic children’s books thanks to the generosity of friends at Covenant Pres. Church in Lakeland. Life Care teachers asked me to pass on a big THANK YOU!!

Nancy held the teachers spellbound with her rendition of “It’s Mine!” by Leo Lioni!  Such fun! She also taught them several simple children’s songs with a message — like “Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah, praise ye the Lord.” Oh my! If you recall, this song involves standing up and sitting down over and over again. Not for the faint of heart! The best part was when the teachers effortlessly went into four-part harmony — So beautiful!

Night, night! Please pray for our last day with Life Care (Wednesday) and that we will be rested enough to teach well in Kayunga (Thursday to Saturday). And don’t forget to pray for the Christian education class coming up next Monday at ARTS!