Last night was prayer meeting with real good attendance.  Dale gave the devotional, after prayers and a good time of singing, including learning a new song for the Christmas season.

The teacher training is going well.  The curriculum is based on foundations for Christian education, and a booklet by a Covenant College professor, Stephen Kaufman, which has been published in French.


And here are a few more photos:

We have been living in a construction zone.  There have been men here every day working on finishing up the worship area of this mission house.  

They have finished cinder block walls with a cement veneer,

finished the bulk heads, added some more lighting to the ceiling, and built a wall to extend the kitchen.

 And today they are pouring the cement floor.

Yesterday was one of the warmest days since we’ve been here.  The power was off from 9 am to almost midnight, and the generator went off around 9 pm.  Needless to say, the night started off very hot and still and sleep was a long time coming.

Thanking God that he knows our every need and his grace is sufficient.

 Our late afternoon past time is hanging out under a shade tree with some of the children that spend hours playing in the mission house grounds.  We found that a good way to keep them occupied is bring out the paper, pencils, and crayons.