We had a very similar day as yesterday.  Went to the MIE office, met all morning with Godfrey, had lunch – Rolexes in the little restaurant on the main level of the building – and Dale and Carla held workshops from 2 to 5 for the same group as yesterday.  

Where we had lunch today.






Rolexes – omelet filled tortillas


This afternoon I had the special privilege of going shopping with Godfrey’s wife, Olga and their daughter Genesis.  We went to a craft market down in city center of Kampala and enjoyed going from vendor to vendor.  Bought two giraffes.  

Tomorrow we will be going to a village for a full afternoon of workshops.  It will be two hours travel each way –  100 km.  We may not be able to post blogs until Sunday, but if I am able I will.  We will be out in villages until Sunday Morning. 

A furniture store


And another.  Anyone need a bed?

Some scenery in Kampala

This is just a tiny fraction of this city!