Fourth day of teacher training.

We have been without city power for about 18 hours, and our electricity has been coming from the mission compound generator.  About 3 am the generator ran out of gas and all went quiet.  We still had running water and were able to shower when we got up.  Since our room is all sealed up because of air conditioning, we went outside to enjoy some fresh air before breakfast, which we ate by lantern light.  When the generator stops, it has to be restarted by a mechanic, so one has been sent for and they are working on it as today’s class has begun.  We are looking forward to the fans coming back on!

Jump-starting the generator.

My friend Mishelet getting an old phone charged at an outlet in the church.

Today, part of the lesson was on how to help a class of children learn to write a story about an experience, so we made up a treasure hunt for the teachers to go on and tell as their story.  The hunt didn’t quite go as we’d planned, but they were all happy to get to the treasure which was a box full of packages of cookies.

Looking for the treasure.


Finding the treasure

The front cover of the treasure hunt story


A view of a hill in Gonaives from the church meeting room.