It is always a joy to worship with the family of God in other countries!   Dale was blessed and humbled to preach at this morning’s service on Philippians 3:1-11.  There are several fishermen in this church, all are related – cousins, fathers, brothers – and they also Make up a group that leads the singing with guitars.  The music was beautiful.  

Dale preaching with Ellen translating

There also was a dedication of a new baby in the church.  Actually, the church has a lot of young children!

After church, we went to Pastor Gabriel’s casa for our meal, making four stops on the way to pick up the food – BBQ chicken & rice, roasted pork ribs, fresh corn tortillas, and Coke.

When we were finished eating and having a good time of fellowship around the table, we headed back to town and we were treated to a boat ride.  One of the fishermen in the church took us in his boat out to see the rocks at the ultimate point of the Baja Penninsula and the famous arch rock.   My first time in the ocean on a boat!  And even two oceans for the price of one.   We went from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean (once we were on the other side of the rocks).  We also got to see, very close up, sea lions and pelicans. They hang out in the marina begging for fish from the returning boats.

The tip of the Baja and the arch

The marina area at night