Today we started a three day workshop on “Teaching with the End in Mind” at Transform.  We got a late start – students were slow in arriving, but we started at 10:00 with only 4 students.  By lunch time we had 9.  

Dale began the morning with an hour of “Peacemaker.”   

The morning started out cool with dark clouds threatening rain, but by noon it was sunny and warm.  We are meeting in an very open air auditorium.


Transform is a boarding school for Secondary students. 

 This is one of their classrooms and the building it is in:

These are a couple of my new friends of the week:

After lunch the teachers worked on projects and presented their “Essential Questions”

At the end of the day we had a meeting of those interested in taking the PS78Teachers and all of the worshop teachers came plu two more people from the Kasangati community.  It was very encouraging to see the interest.