Today was our last day of workshops!  We can hardly remember our first week here, because we have kept so busy and been so many different places.  Actually we will never forget the incredible time we have had at each school and the inspiring teachers we’ve met.  They do so much for so little and are totally grateful for any help they can get in their profession.  We also are thankful that Godfrey and Nancy invited us to be here this month and for all the arrangements they made for us.

We made it up to Kakooge this morning in under two hours – the traffic not as bad as usual.  Dale began the day with Peacemakers for the first 90 minutes, then Carla taught up until lunch.  Lunch was chapati’s with avacado slices and a Stoney.  After lunch we took the class outside and Carla taught under a tree for the rest of the day.  There was a nice breeze!  We headed back to Kampala around five. Again, the teachers at Donela were very appreciative of the workshop and were anxious to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Eric sitting at a copier preparing the handouts for the day.  He went into town early this morning to get a new ink cartridge and then took a boda to Bombo road where we picked him up on our way to Kakooge:

Carla and Godfrey helping a group with their Essential Questions:

Teaching under a tree:

Group photo of Donela teachers:

A little girl swinging near where the teachers were meeting: