This morning we left the Emporer Hotel with our luggage filling the back of Godfrey’s car and headed across Kampala for church at New City Community church which meets at the African Bible College campus.   Since our luggage was taking up half the car, Godfrey had to drop us off an hour early so he could go back and get his wife and kids.  They had gotten a taxi to take them at least halfway across town so he didn’t have to go all the way back to his home.  

Since we were early, we had a chance to walk around the beautiful ABC campus which has many nice buildings, trees of every kind, and beautiful flowers.  

After the service, Bert and Nancy took us to their home where we will stay until we leave for our home on Tuesday.  The Williams also invited Godfrey and his family over for delicious meal and a chance for us to say our goodbyes.   We had a nice time of fellowship and evaluation of the work we’ve done over the past three weeks.

Visiting with the guest speaker before church.  His name is Kennedy, he’s an ordained minister from Malawi, graduated from Westminster Seminary in California and he does apologetics research here.

Sunday dinner bunch: