Our last full day in Uganda.   How did we spend our Memorial Day holiday?   Well, we got to sleep a little later than we have been able to.  After breakfast a lady named Liz, a dear friend of Nancy’s, came over for an interview regarding our on-line Master’s prorgam.  She is already enrolled but wanted to meet us and ask some questions.  We enjoyed getting to know her.  She has a baby due anytime and had to walk up a steep hill to meet us here.

We went to a restaurant called Cafe Marie to have lunch with three single MTW missionary ladies,   Carolyn, Kelsey and M.J. (The new faces right to left in picture below.)  We had a good time of fellowship and the food was great!

After lunch we went to a jewelry factory where Kelsey helps out.  It is a paper bead factory that employs Ugandans while providing the women with free child care, they feed them a meal and they also have Bible studies.  There were about 80 to 100 people working at the different stations of bead making.  It was very interesting.  The name of the company is Ajuna – which means God Saves.  They told us that they were going to be featured in one of the next issues of Real Simple magazine, so I’ll have to watch for that.

Here is a group of men cutting the paper strips the beads are made with:


Seperating the beads after they have been died and dried:

Tables of women stringing the beads into pretty jewelry:

Traffic today on Entebbe Road was really slow.  It’s fun when you are creeping along to notice odd sinage along the road such as:

Dairy store:

After the tour we went to the MTW Uganda office where we hung out while Bert and Nancy were in a meeting:


We will be headed to the airport by noon tomorrow, with a stop along the way at Cafe Java for lunch.  We have had an incredible experience!  God is good, All the time, All the time, God is good!