Our last full day in Haiti and the last day of teacher training!  We appreciate all the prayers for our week, God has certainly blessed us!

The good news- last night was the first night that the power stayed on all night since we’ve been here.  The bad news- it went off just as we started our training this morning.  So, we’ve had to open all the doors and windows to get an air-flow.   It’s another warm day, but we’ve been also been having a nice breeze.

While we are inside working with the teachers, there are a couple of boys that hang out around the ministry complex.  Yesterday I watched them play a game of marbles, a game they also play with water bottle caps.   The have such good aim to be able to hit that little black marble in the center of the circle they have drawn with charcoal on the concrete.

In the late afternoon and evenings some older boys come into the compound to play basketball – up until it gets too dark to see the basket around 8:30.  The are very competetitive!  Our evening entertainment is to sit outside and watch them argue over who is winning.

Dale trying to get a smile out of a young friend.

So, the training has officially ended, the room torn down, and all furniture has been moved back into place.  We had a very good ending to the week!   Some pictures from our last day:

A group of teachers remained afterwards to discuss what steps they need to take to share what they have learned from our program with other teachers here in Gonaives.  They formed a committe to begin to organize such a plan.   We’ve also been invited back in the fall to do teacher observations.

Now to pack up for our trip home….