This morning we arrived at the Chrisian Academy of Docine just in time to see the kids lined up to go into their classrooms.  They looked so sharp in their navy and yellow uniforms.  The girls ALL wear their hair parted with bright yellow barettes and hair ribbons, not because they have to, but because it’s the style.  The kids standing in front of us were late, so they have to wait until everyone else goes in.

There are about 400 children enrolled in the school which goes from pre-school to 10th grade.   Our purpose here this week is to obseve the teachers who have received our training to see how they are applying it in their classroom instruction, and to do follow-up interviews to give critique and encouragement.  We had a good start observing seven of the twenty-some this morning.

We enjoyed interacting with the children between classes and during their lunch break.  Pictures work best to show our day:

They LOVE photo-ops!