Our third day at New Hope Kobwin.

Today was our last day of Teacher training at this site. We got started about 8:45 and Dale spent the next hour concluding the Shepherding teaching, after which Carla had the groups present their work from yesterday afternoon on the Hoag Ladder methods of teaching.

We found out yesterday that today’s training would end two hours early because of a special program they were having for the long-term managing director of all three New Hope sites. So, Carla finished early with a fun activity where the teachers went on a little adventure and then wrote a few paragraphs about what they had done. The activity was to pair up, blindfold one in the pair and then the un-blindfolded person would direct his or her partner around the building. The teachers had great fun with this activity. We wrapped up our training by 12:45, and it was time for lunch.

After lunch we were asked to stay for a special program to honor the managing director – they call her ‘Aunt Nancy.’ The program did not get started on time, so we waited around enjoying the rocks, and the festivities finally got started around 3:45. We were seated in a big circle underneath a large tree, and there was also a group of women seated on a nearby rock. It was interesting and inspiring to hear all the testimonials and how much these people love Aunt Nancy. She had served New Hope for 20 years and is returning to the States. This honoring part of the program was over about 5:30.

We were also asked to stay afterwards for a special meal, and we felt it would have been rude to bow out – meaning we have two evening meals to eat tonight! As I write, it is 7:30 pm and they are serving us our evening meal at the guest house. More chicken, potatoes, rice, and beans.

Tomorrow, after spending the morning at a local private secondary school, we will head back to Kampala for another two schools to visit on Friday.

We have thoroughly enjoyed these past three days at Kobwin. The folks there are very genuine in their love for the Lord, and showed us wonderful hospitality. So much I could have said about our time me here . . . .