Our first Day with the teachers from the Christian Academy of Docine.

Moving tables.

The classroom was almost ready at 8:00. The painting and electric work was pretty much done, the floor of the classroom had been swept and mopped, and four young men were bringing up the tables and chairs. They had not gotten the windows installed, but a couple mounted fans were keeping the room live-able.

These silly guys!

All ready for the teachers.

Dale & Quentin waving from the second floor window.

The 26 teachers were let up into the classroom about 8:45 and our week of training got underway. After the welcome and prayer, we spent about 15 minutes gathering information from the teachers on French vs. Creole use of language in their school. This info is for Quentin’s use in a workshop later this week.

Today was Dale’s turn to do a short refresher on ‘Shepherding a Child’s Heart,’ and then he let the teachers discuss, in groups, how they have applied the skills of discipline. After lunch each group presented a skit or told of an actual situation they have had in their classrooms and how they have dealt with it.


Dale with Esaie translating

Last night before evening church, some little kids were interacting with us, and when the service started a little boy sat down next  to Dale and shortly fell asleep against Dale’s shoulder.  He slept there’s the rest of the service,  it was cute – had to take a picture.