Today is our third day of teacher training for the teachers at Docine. It is not a holiday here in Haiti. No BBQs for us.  But we did have sliced hotdogs in the spaghetti we had for lunch.

The newest member of our team, Quentin Nantz, has the floor today. He started out this morning with an activity where the teachers at each table had to come up with a name, a logo, a handshake, and a cheer for their ‘team.’ The teachers had a fun time with that activity which was intended to take them from being just a group to being a team.

Team fist bump

Since the students that these teachers teach learn Creole in their homes and they are supposed to learn French in school, the subject of the day is language – how we learn our native tongue and how we teach a language or a second language.

Using a pocket chart

Natacha had a long day of translating!

After lunch, he showed some practical ways to teach a language by teaching them some English with words from the children’s book “The Hungry Caterpillar.” To end the day, each team had to cut out a template of a caterpillar based on the book, color it and put it together.

We had a good day in the classroom with the now 29 teachers!