Our first day of teacher training at New Hope Kobwin Рwe had 12 teachers and the day went very well. Dale began the day with an introduction to Peacemakers. Carla taught her Understanding By Design course during the remainder of the day.

We had a lot of heavy rain with thunder and lightening during the night last night, but today was a beautiful day, even got a little warm at times. We began the day at 9:00, a little late because our breakfast was served late. Our typical day of training – we try to start at 8:30, then we take a 30 minute break for tea at 10:30, lunch is at 1:00 for an hour, and the training ends at 4. Both teachers and students are pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

Today we had a lot of interesting animal life going on around the open-air place we were meeting. Cows grazing and coming to the nearby water trough, chickens, goats, even a flock of turkeys strutting by. I was fascinated watching a dung beetle (huge!) working in and out of his hole.

We returned to our guest house – a 25 minute drive, and had some more tea and dinner around 7:30. There was a plethora of flying insects that felt they were welcome at our meal, but were a big annoyance to us. This guest house does not have screens on the windows, so it they are open, which they need to be for our comfort, the light draws the little buggers inside.

Off to bed now – tomorrow will be another busy day!