Our first day of two days of teacher training at Piaget Nursery & Primary School in Lira. Nancy started the day with a review of what she taught on her last visit, some songs, and reading them a children’s book, The Dot. This book was one of a suitcase full of children’s books that were collected for her by our home church, First Reformed. She has been able to use this particular book a couple of times this past week in teaching how to use secular materials and integrate faith into the story.

Dale spent the rest of the day teaching Shepherding a Child’s Heart.
Break time- they call ‘breakfast’. Tea, bread and bananas.
Nancy teaches lots of songs and they love to sing!
Nancy presented two dictionaries to the school. (A gift from money collected at First Reformed, Pittsburgh)

The school is just down the street a block from our hotel, so at 1:00 we went back to the hotel where they serve a buffet lunch. Returning to the school at 2:00, we spent a couple more hours with the teachers and at the end of the day each of the three groups gave a skit on what they had been taught.

As we returned to our hotel, there was a herd of cattle walking past the gate. Just a part of life in the town of Lira. . .