Quentin traveled two hours north of Kampala with our colleague Eric (of M.I.E.) to minister at New Hope Kasana.  New Hope is a ministry to orphans that was started in the 1980’s after prolonged period of political upheaval and war in Uganda.  The founder Jay Danger and his wife still lead this ministry along with his Ugandan cofounder Jonnes. Their daughter Jennie Danger has written a book about the ministry entitled The Long Road to Hope: A Day of Small Beginnings.

On Monday, their first day there, Eric and Quentin worked with and helped some of the teachers who are writing Christian curriculum guides to help primary teachers in Uganda to integrate biblical truth with the subjects that they teach.  They were planning to continue this work on Tuesday but the teachers had an “unexpected” meeting which gave Quentin time for last minute preparations and Eric time for study.  On Wednesday and Thursday Quentin presented a workshop for 45 K-12 teachers who are responsible for the education of the orphans and surrounding village Children. Since English is the medium of instruction in Uganda, but children come to school speaking local dialects, all teachers are teaching English as a second language.  Quentin’s workshop was designed to help them with this and help them integrate biblical truth with the subjects they are teaching.