Today is our last full day in Uganda, and the last day of the Inter-term. The students turned in their reflection questions and presented their units so they can be graded and receive credit for the course. They were given the first 30 minutes of class to put their information they were presenting on “big” paper. They were busy bees.

Each of the 10 groups did a great job in their presentations. They were given 8 minutes to present and it moved along smoothly and in good time before break.

There was about 15 minutes left before break for questions and comments, and after break Dale gave a presentation on ‘How to Start a Christian School’, and what exactly is a school that one can call “Christian”.

At the end of the class the Director of Education at ABU, Charles Mugasha, came to the front of the class to give a few remarks. He gave an encouragement to the students and a vote of thanks to us and to Nancy Williams for promoting our program to ABU as a support to their education program. Certificates were handed out to students that took the course, but are not ABU students. Gift baskets were given to Carla and Dale as a token of appreciation for their work.

Abigail getting a certificate.

This afternoon we will be packing up to begin our return to the U.S. our flight to Dubai leaves tomorrow afternoon, and, God willing, we will be home Sunday evening.